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A healthy child makes a happy home-Dabur ChawanPrash

I was a fussy eater always. I never liked vegetables like carrots,green leaves,brinjal and beetroot etc.
being a sports person I needed the fiber and energy rich food while I loved gorging on samosas, chips, pani puri and chats.
I remember falling sick twice per month back in early 2000's. that would mean two-three days of school absence ,vomiting and lying on bed with would be more troublesome for my parents to take care of me. I was fussy to even have tablets which would make me vomit more.

This had to stop because it could affect my growth and I was not mature enough to understand parents were worried because they knew that playing sports without having healthy diet is even more dangerous.

My mother tried the milk flavoring cum energy supplement powders to make me drink milk . I honestly don't know if those drinks ever made a difference. I just liked the chocolate taste of it.Then,my mother brought a new thing for me to taste.It was Dabur Chawanprash.  initially I did not like the chocolatey brown-far-from-tasting-like-chocolate paste,but I had to eat it before sleeping daily due to my mothers demands and order.later,I started enjoying it and used to wait for my spoonful of chawanprash.

I grew up, eating my daily dose of this brown substance which became an integral part of our family routine. my mother came up with other innovative solutions to make me eat the non-tasty vegetables.
her new recipes included
1: bottle gourd paranthas (yummy, uuurgh  hated the dal of the same vegetable)
2: baigan ka bharta ( as I love spicy food,she used to make it the same)
3: beetroot with fresh coconut
4: soya pakoras and methi ke paranthe
5:spinach paranthas
6:beetroot sweetdish ( loved the red color of it)
7: sprouts chat
8:dal ke pakode

These new dishes were tasty as well as healthy. I started taking my nutrients and this definitely made me healthy.the frequency of me getting sick decreased to 4 times a year and now its rare. I did realize later how wrong I was in denying to eat those vegetables since its very important to get the fiber,nutrients,minerals and all other vitamins in our system in our early years for proper growth. These help create a stronger immune system.
The new Dabur Chawanprash has the power of  giving 3 times more immunity. It has a blend of herbs and antioxidants that keep your body healthy from inside, which is very important in today's world since children are prone to pollution, dust and unhealthy junk food.This also comes in new flavors like mixed fruit and delicious mango. with good taste now comes good health benefits.

A healthy life leads to a healthy mind.

Have a daily spoonful  of Dabur Chawanprash and keep yourselves healthy . click here to know more about the benefits of this miracle formula

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My Dream home by Porcenanosa

Everybone has a dream about how their dream home would be.

Writing on what would be necessary to build the perfect "Home sweet Home" , I had to choose some products from Porcenanosa that I would be thrilled to have in my home. when I went to their site, I was in awe of the beautiful products they create. with over 40 years of service , they are in almost 100 countries and creating incredibly beautiful masterpieces for our homes.

well. in my home basically, I would love to have a blend of ethnic and modern design.I made a list of  items I would definitely keep in my house from Porcelanosa to make it stand out and let others burn...

Bathroom: my first love is always gonna be bathrooms. I like bigger and comfortable bathrooms and obviously clean.
I would keep:
1.Bathtub :

this Victorian style bathtub stole my heart away. I would spend hours together and wish to never come out of it

2. Rain Shower:
Who doesnt love rains. this will give me the needed relaxation after a tough and tired days work.I can stand under the warn water falling from it or hours together and maybe perhaps get a tub below it and enjoy the best of both.

well, if all the ideas come alive in toilets. it better be a comfortable one. I loved the design and the finish on it. It doesnt even look like a toilet seat

4. Taps:
I like the modern tech touch to it. I would like to decide what temperature I want my water to be when I brush or wash my face.


1.Kitchen furniture: I want too much space in my kitchen because I am a bit messy. I want to have designated space for all the items. and this fulfills both

2.sitting space: It would be so good to have your best friend or your partner to sit with you and chat and gossip while you are cooking delicious dishes for them.this goes well the kitchen design too.

3.Kitchen Taps: As important as it is to wash the vegetables and fruits ,why not it look beautiful too.

Wall Tiles:
 Mosaics: I like the idea of covering the wall with small tiles rather than a whole gives a unique feeling and you can actually design it yourself
I like dark and this looks pretty awesome to have it on your wall. lighten it with with lights and you will land in a different world.

This is my list for my home and I am pretty sure I would not like to go out of my house. It will give me the luxury of a five start hotel as well as the warmness of a home.

This is my entry for "Pick as many items as you can from Porcelanosa to build your dream home. Tell us why you chose them and why"
Browse the awesome designs for your home  here

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Life’s Game – by Crowning Glory

 Chapter 25

Read the previous chapter here

Shekhar was flabbergasted. He pulled himself up and grabbed Tara’s wrist as she held on to his collar. He pushed her and looked at the audience that had suddenly arrived from nowhere.
“” he started
“What are you doing here Shekhar and where is Roohi?” demanded Jennifer. Shekhar could see the anger in Jennifer’s eyes; her nose was flared and it seemed she was trying very hard to control herself from doing anything bad.

“Where is Roohi, you moron? Why did you bring her here?” Tara cried out, as she stood up from the ground with her elbows bruised. Cyrus lurched forward, launching himself at Shekhar and gave him a shove that made him fall on the ground. Shekhar was momentarily taken aback at the turn of events.
“Speak up Shekhar or I will make every bone in your body cry for help” Cyrus shouted.

“All was going as planned.” said Shekhar, getting up on his feet. He started pacing back and forth and as if nothing had happened.
“Thank you Jennifer for coming home for that stupid photo shoot. The day I saw your tattoo, I knew what I had to do. It was so easy to plant the suspicion in your head against Tara. You being an inquisitive person working for a magazine, I knew you would try to dig information on how Tara climbed the ladder of success so quickly. Thereafter, I followed you everywhere like a shadow, watching you closely and whom you meet and what you do. Your intellectual boyfriend, this dumbass lawyer cum blog enthusiast, was so thrilled when I called him and gave him details of the Gala Gang that he put it on his blog and showed it to you. I wanted your past to dance in front of you and make you to see the similarity between yours and Tara’s past. I called you for Roohi’s birthday and planted the visiting card with that number written behind. My plan and you were following it like a puppet.”

Cyrus, Jennifer and Tara were stunned and stood frozen with their eyes following Shekhar pacing up and down. They could not believe what they had just heard. It was all Shekhar’s doing especially behind this discovery that Jennifer thought she had made. She was just doing what Shekhar had made her do. But why?

Just as Tara was about to open her mouth to throw a round of abuses towards Shekhar, they heard Roohi coming out of the darkness and as soon as she saw Tara, she ran towards her with a smile on her face, ignorant of what was happening around her.
Shekhar moved forward and picked up Roohi “Dare anyone come forward and I will kill her” he threatened with a vengeance in his eyes and everybody stood still.

“Tara, you bitch, what did you think? Being your husband for seven years, I would not be aware of your dirty past? You will sell your kid to those goons and think that all will be fine and no one will find out? Guess what, I found out! You knew how much I wanted a baby of our own. You had one and you hid it from me. You sold your own daughter and you betrayed me, my trust and my love. "
"And to top it all, you started to flirt with that bastard Aryan Ahuja. one of the key players of my game,I knew who he was by the research I did on your past, Tara.I called him here to blackmail you for money and send you to jail.he was my bait , my evidence against you.
But, you did not spare him too Tara, was he so charming? Did he make you laugh more than I did?  ” Tears started to flow from Shekhar’s eyes as he continued
“These past few years, all I have heard are comments from outsiders, your fans on what kind of man I am, sitting at home and enjoying the money of my wife. A good for nothing man, an unsuccessful writer and not a good husband too. Did I not love you Tara? I loved you more than my life, my career and what did you give me? You used me to fill your life, have a family for namesake and Roohi, You did not give her the love of a mother she deserved”
Tara fell to her knees, crying, as Jennifer and Cyrus tried to figure out how to get Roohi safely away from this madman.
“All was going according to plan, Jennifer would have put you behind bars and Roohi and I would have enjoyed your wealth, happily ever after. But you sick woman, you wanted to divorce me and give everything away to Roohi! What did you think that I would see my plans washed away so easily? No, I will kill Roohi, make you go to jail and take all your money.
Yes, yes. I will do that.” Shekhar was blinded by his greed and Jennifer could see the revenge in his eyes

Tara started pleading to Shekhar and told him that she would do anything to redeem whatever she did in her past and start a new life with Shekhar and Roohi.

A loud siren broke the spell of silence that had been put over Jennifer and Cyrus as they witnessed the turn of events. It was Mumbai Police and they were right on time. Shekhar tried to flee but the officers were fast enough to catch him around the waist and made him taste the soil as he fell, face down on the ground.

Tara ran towards Roohi, who had fallen down and was crying on seeing all the drama unfolding in front of her and her dearest daddy being taken away by some uniformed people.
 Jennifer stayed with the mother and child as Cyrus explained the details of the night and Shekhar’s confessions of trying to kill Roohi.
Tara was looking down in shame and could not control her tears as she was taken away by the police for interrogation

The police station was silent at that time of the night and apart from few constables and a superintendent, all had gone for the daily night patrolling of Mumbai streets.
The officers had officially recorded  Tara’s and Shekhar’s confessions and had registered a complaint against them. They also had an arrest warrant taken out against Aryan Ahuja after the statements given by Tara and Shekar.

Meanwhile ,Roohi was peacefully sleeping in Jennifer’s shoulders, tired after the eventful night.
“She has to be given to a child protection society for the time being” explained the officer, “Poor kid, she became an orphan again.”
Jennifer and Cyrus looked at each other, held their hands and said “No. Not this time sir, we think she finally found a permanent home”

 Alls well that ends well! read the epilogue here

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The smell of old rocks of a 1000 year old temple-Helebidu

Dating back to 12th century, The Hoysaleswara temple in Helebidu in Hassan district in Karnataka ,is a masterpiece, studded with a profusion of will be blinded by the intricacies and the minute detailing carved on the rocks.

The basement of the temple has the most richly sculptured friezes. Horsemen charge, war elephants charge, all in stone. Scenes from the Ramayana and the Mahabharata add to the grandeur.

I visited the temple a second time recently and found that half a day is not sufficient to  explore the carvings. the temple enshrines the deities of Hoysaleshwara and Santaleshwara, named after King Vishnuvardhan Hoysala and his wife Queen Shantala
the carvings on walls

 Shivlingam in the sanctorum has been commended as a perfect prototype of Hindu style of architecture. Its architecture is considered as the pinnacle of Indian architecture.

visiting the temple in the monsoons gives it an even grandeur look and feel . walking towards the main temple you can smell the wet grass and soil from the garden around it and get the earthy aroma.

inside the temple
once inside the temple, you get surrounded by cold blanket.

instead of getting a damp ,dark and a confined space smell, you actually smell of old rocks with water dripping inside the small hole and pores. the fragrance is mixed with the garlands on the shrine and the smell of the flame of "Aarthi" or "Karpoor" burning.

its a mix of fragrance of  fresh flowers ,burning cotton strands dipped in pure ghee and the old rocks.

Its like the smell we get in villages inside the houses made of clay roofs and walls but it is surprisingly refreshing and clean .

The play with the sun and shade and placement of the pillars inside the temple is spell bounding. the pillars inside are carved in a such a way that lights reflect from each and falls directly on the main diety which is shiva. the shine on the pillars and floor is still the same . when light falls on floor, it looks wet and shines tremendously.
the play with pillars and sun and shade
the walls outside which are lined with carvings of mahabharata and ramayana stories. You can actually take a full round of the temple and see the stories unfold itself in the form of 3D sculptures.

the rain makes the exterior of the temple shine and when you go near to the small carvings or sculptures you get a earthly smell of old rocks mixed with water. you can feel the labor of the people who have tolled for years to make this masterpiece.
temple during monsoon

it is indeed a HOLY fragrance, with a difference. one you would not get inside crowded temples.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Life’s Game – by Crowning Glory

Chapter 9

what happened before? read chapter 8 here

Jennifer was red with embarrassment

“No, nothing lik…” she started to defend herself. “Am I so boring? Here I came all the way from Delhi to see you and you seemed lost in others”, taunted Cyrus
Jennifer was smart enough to sense the sarcasm and replied with a wink “I am not interested in tall, fair and nerdy men you know”
She pulled away her hand shyly as he tried to hold it. It’s in his eyes, but I want to take it slowly, she thought.

Cyrus’s phone rang and he excused himself. Jennifer decided not to tell him what she felt about Tara since he seemed inspired by her personality. No. not yet

Cyrus came back and sadly announced that he would have to leave. “So after all, you did not come to meet me” scoffed Jennifer getting up from her chair. Cyrus looked displeased for having to leave such a great company and promised that he would make it up to her.
They both came out of that coffee shop and the sound of traffic surprised them. It was so calm and quiet inside that they had forgotten they were in the middle of a busy street of Mumbai. Cyrus offered her to drop her to her PG as he had a company car at his disposal. “I am important to the company after all” he smiled and said.
Sitting beside him in the car she could smell his rustic scent which was opposite to his looks. He so different than my ex. He has made me forget him. If only he could see how happy I am with Cyrus right now. She subtly crossed her fingers wishing this thing between her and Cyrus would be for the better.

They turned left in Malad close to her PG, when she suddenly saw a market and asked the driver to stop. “I need a cleaning kit for my camera and other stuff for my room and will get down here” explained Jennifer. Cyrus looked disappointed but nevertheless opened the door for her. “Sorry dear, I will not be able to join in your shopping” he said. “That’s okay, you will go crazy seeing me bargain” chuckled Jennifer. She gave him a quick hug before Cyrus sat back in the car.


She looked at the market flooded with people and mentally prepared herself for the adventure she was getting into. She was taught by her colleagues to deal with shopkeepers here and she was becoming better at it.
She seemed amused by the Marathi talking ladies, bargaining with shopkeepers with their small kids chewing the end of their mother’s saree, waiting to get back home. She took help from the locals to find the camera shop and moved towards it.

As she peered into a lane, her eyes scanning the market, she froze. Her eyes widened like the goddess Kali and she immediately turned her head away. As she walked away from there, her mind started racing. Did he see me? How did he come here? Is he following me? How does he know I am here?

She ran away as fast as she could and ignored the nasty remarks directed towards her as she pushed people out of her way. She saw a taxi and immediately got into it and asked the driver to speed. Sweat trickled down her temples and she was afraid the driver would hear her heart beat so loud
Noooooooooo… please no- Jennifer cried frantically trying to free her arm from the hand grabbing her tightly. He was so strong that she could feel his grip getting tighter as if it would cut through the wrist
“Shut her up or I will hit you with this hot rod”, she heard a loud manly voice which surprisingly belonged to a woman. Jennifer was blindfolded and could only smell sweat and fish. Jennifer knew she was in deep trouble. She could sense a lot of people in a small room, and hear faint sobbing and an occasional sound of someone getting slapped.
Her voice was drowned by the strong grip over her mouth by another man and she could no longer shout. Her efforts in biting the palm went in vain as she heard the men laughing at her.
Minutes passed and she became calmer. She then felt a needle working on her wrist. The next minute fell down with a thud.
Regaining her senses, she found herself in a dark room sans the blindfolds. She looked at her wrist in the dim light coming out of the window and saw a tattoo of an eagle catching a prey. “I am that pray”, she thought.
“Madam? Hello, madam? We have arrived”. Jennifer was brought back with a start. She quickly handed the money to the driver and ran into her apartment, locking the front door.

It was a Saturday evening and Tara was making Italian pasta for Roohi which was an unusual scene in the Dutta house.
Shekhar was talking on the phone but his eyes were on Tara. He was worried she might burn the pasta as she had hardly cooked anything in the last few years. “God knows what has gotten into her today”, he wondered.

“Who was it?” Tara asked as she saw Shekhar putting down the phone

“Someone from work” replied Shekhar just to get rid of her question. Why such sudden interest?

“I got a few calls last week from my PR informing me of an offer to write advertisement jingles. You know you can do them” she said, wishing he would agree.

“What? You want a novelist to write jingles?” She is hurting my pride-damn you, Shekhar thought.

“I don’t have time to fight with you on what you are and what you were. I just know that you sit at home all day and don’t even try to do anything to change your life. I just thought maybe I could get you back on your feet and make you see a better view of life outside of this house.” snapped Tara, visibly irritated by his behavior of not accepting his fault.

“Daddy!!!!” Shekhar ran to where the voice was coming from to see Roohi on floor crying. Her doll was broken

Tara scoffed and continued making the pasta.


excited what happens next read chapter 10 here
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There is a Dog in my life -reasons-why-its-necessary-to-have-a-dog

I remember carrying a white furry purse that resembled a Pomeranian pup to show to my girlfriends that I own a dog. and this was when I was hardly 5. I was longing for a dog since then but my mom would not allow. she had her own reasons and they seemed legitimate.

Finally god heard my prayers and I got a Pomeranian as pet in 2003. it was a singaporian breed,born to two beautiful  dog parents at my relatives. we had a huge melodrama at home before we got mom agreed on few terms and conditions namely -
I would not touch it no matter what happens.
I will not feed it,since we have brought it,its our responsibility to take care of it.
I will not clean its Shit.
It will not climb on bed or come inside kitchen.
It should not roam around the house shititng everywhere or make a mess.

we agreed to all her conditions,chuckling in our heads since we knew all of the above would not hold once we get the do you expect a small puppy not to shit or play around. we were far too happy to make our mom understand that.
and so it came,our newest member of family and lives were just about to change. we got two pups,one to give to some other relative.the one we had to take was marked in pink by our aunt as it was supposed to be a calmer one and my mom wanted a calmer dog. few days with the puppies,we realized that ours was indeed a lazy fellow who only wanted to sleep. we named it scooby.

days passed and that lazy fellow grew,I dont know what got into him, he became the most clever,energetic and beautiful dog. the one who always wanted to sleep,did not let us sleep from then on. what we faced next was a series of embarrassment. me and my mom running around the neighborhood to catch our dog and bring it home . and this little devil used to enjoy this chase and never came in our hands easily. I remember him hiding behind a small wall,my mom on the other side and me on the other, and this fellow peeking to find a way to escape. as soon as he came out of the wall, I made a dive (similar to a fielder) at him and finally we caught him...The one thing that scooby gained from all this drama was my mom's love and attention of all my neighbors. he became the apple of the eyes of all.

Years passed ,scooby became chubby and the bond between him and my mother became stronger than us.It became so strong that my mother started taking care of him like a son. they both became inseparable.he followed my mom everywhere,started waiting for her at the gate if she had gone outside for grocery.
 Infact, he became our alarm to tell mom is back. we used to see TV while she was away and as soon as we heard chubby howling we knew she was back and our books got opened and TV shut.
 we loved chubby. he changed our lives.I wanted to teach him tricks,but all he could learn was a shakehand.we loved it when after coming from school, he greeted us by madly wagging his tail and jumping around till we patted him down.he made us forget all our tensions. his way of greedily watching us eat our food and making obvious barks to give him some too was adorable.

we also came to learn about this dog behavior that they wont hurt small kids even if they are twitching his ears or pulling his tail. if growns ups do that,he would growl,but no never to small children.

He knew he's not strong enough to fight and so made a clever plan to scare away people. he used to hide and as soon as someone passed by our gate.he used to make a sudden appearance and give a shock with his loud bark.

we three siblings left home for higher studies.during holidays when we used to come home we would be on cloud nine to see him greet us by barking madly and licking all over. we were happy he never forget us.
ahhh those eyes. I can bet ,he has the best eyes in world. check it out yourself.

our chubby is one tough guy, its been 11 years now. he has got bitten by jealous street dogs,had suffered from several diseases but still manages to spring back .there were times, when the vet said that he is old now and will die within few weeks or a month because of this disease or injury, we used to sit with him day and night with tears in eyes, but this tough guy has managed to come out of all. he is healthy now , eats like a horse,still runs and barks at everyone.
yeah has become lazy, so lazy that he doesnt even bothers to get up if a mouse is nibbling away his food from his own bowl or a cat jumps over him to enter our house. I know, that sounds funny but its true.
He taught me to love someone unconditionally ,to have an empathy towards animals. all they want is love and all they give is love.

There should be a dog in everyone life atleast once.

Here are my reasons for having a dog:
1) some one will love you unconditionally.

2) keep you healthy. with those evening and morning walks with dog.
3) distract you from work stress. one look at those eyes and you will forget your tension.

4) empathize with your pain. if they see you sad,they will sit beside you and try to console in their own cute way, hand on your knees. aah so adorable

5) give you time off from entertaining your kids.dogs do that much better..;)

6) will make you laugh with the funny things they do.

7) you will want to make them do something wrong  just to see their guilty face asking for sorry.

8) keep you company in your loneliness. listen to you talk with straightened ears.

9)you can play,do their makeup,make them wear weird clothes,do almost anything with them and they wont fuss.instead,they will join you.

10) protect your home from outsiders.if not actually protect.atleast bark to make you aware something is wrong and the rest is in your hands..:)

11) the most loyal friend you will ever have.

The dog is a gentleman; I hope to go to his heaven, not man’s.
~~[ Mark Twain, letter to W.D. Howells, 2 April 1899 ]

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Shweta Basu - sympathise or criticize or accept.

I loved her in Makdee and Iqbal. cute face and solid acting skills. Was expecting her to turn out into a good mainstream actress and she did. I had seen in "Kotha Bangaru Lokam" and loved her performance. and then she was lost,

 She sprang into news recently by getting caught red-handed in a prostituion racket at a suburban Hyderabad hotel. she was selling herself to renowned industrialist and businessmen and Politicians.
the first step taken  by any normal person caught in such circumstances is to deny it and say that you are being framed.But what did this brave lass do- she confessed to having doing it. how many people have guts to accept that ,knowing that this may spoil her life, her image and her future career too.

In her own words: "I have made wrong choices in my career and I was out of money. I had to support my family and some other good causes.All the doors were closed and some people encouraged me to get into prostitution to earn money. I was helpless and with no option left to choose, I got involved in this act"

I am not here to judge whether she did right or wrong. I worried myself thinking what might be her situation that she felt the need to go to this far for money. was she being pressurized by her family for money or she had commitments she couldn't fulfill without money . There would be so many people doing the same thing.she was unlucky enough to get caught. I cant judge her not knowing her reasons.

I am sickened and goddamn angry with the media for highlighting just the girl. what about the businessmen who paid her and were with her when she was caught.they should also enjoy being maligned in public. their families should also be come to know about their recreational activities and get humiliated by media and their special words.WHY did media hide their names.?

didn't they feel that this might ruin whatever hopes she had for future? will it not be impossible for her to move on?will she have the strength to accept the criticism she will get and not take a drastic step to end her life? If its media's duty to present whatever happens then why do I don't know any one of the businessmen name? why is she in remand home and the other people involved not behind the bars? was she alone in the act? No, then why this half justice

what I would say in this is: its fine people, shit happens. as if we haven't done something we are ashamed of in life.give her back what she deserves, her life ,her image and a chance to move on. I have seen far more worse things people do in their lives.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Raja Natwarlal

ok, so this was my first Emraan Hashmi movie in theater. and yes,I like him. his movies have story and you can never get bored ;) (pun intended)

but this time, the Story was Ok a "sadak chhap" Emraan Hashmi as con man with Diapk Tijori his wing man. with his ambitious plan to go for "bada haath"Dipak gets killed . The story then becomes a revenge story to con the culprit, Vardha Yadav played impeccably by Kay Kay.

Emran teams up with Dipak's brother yogi played by Paresh Rawal a bigger Badass to plan for this con.How a sadak chap con man get a passport and visa and moreover money to fly to south africa to take on Vardha is something we can only imagine can happen in movies only.if That was not all. He assembles a team of other con men (Ocean 11-style) and con Yadav for Rs 15,000 crores by staging a fake cricket league.

It doesn’t help that the love interest is played by Humaima Malick, an import from Pakistan who is good looking for sure but has even less screen presence  The rest of the cast is equally bad. While Rawal sleepwalks in his role, Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub plays a hamming serial killer who doesn’t utter a single word of dialogue.He was used terribly after giving a wonderful performance in Ranjhana. Hashmi did his usual job as in his other movies.

All in all, I would say the movie could have been treated better and the loop holes that were evident could have been filled
a one time watch and you can wait till it comes to television.. ;)

Monday, September 1, 2014

The Big Bang Theory

Seasons 1-7 from 2007-2014

I got hooked to it since I saw the pilot episode in 2008, a year after it was aired.since we used to download it in college hostel. I love it. its one my favorites sitcoms and can watch it over and over again..:)

The Big Bang Theory ,to me it's one of the best written sitcoms currently on  TV. The scripts are filled with scientific references some people might not understand but they are very witty. Johnny Galecki and Jim Parsons are definitely one of TV's newest comedy teams who have great chemistry and the addition of Kaley Cuoco as their neighbor, Penny brightens up the show. Let's not overlook the supporting cast with Simon Helberg as Wolowitz, who looks a little like Paul Reubens, the man behind Pee-Wee Herman and Kunal Nayyar as their friend from India.

"A woman who moves into an apartment next door to two brilliant but socially awkward physicists shows them how little they know about life outside of the laboratory."

Sheldon Cooper the nerdy one of the two roomates is the nucleus of the show.  he's a mixture of clownish geekyness and borderline creepiness.You dont want to like him but end up loving him.He take pride in describing everything very deeply and scientifically which can became a "pain in the arse sometimes"
Leonard, the less nerdy of the two roommates, has been in lust with the above mentioned young neighbor, Penny
Howard and Raj (a whispering sidekick who can't bring himself to actually talk in front of a girl) round out the crew.  Howard pretends to be a woman's man but everybody knows he isnt capable of dating any girl leave marrying.thats why when He gets married to Penny's girlfirend Bernadette and becomes a doting husband,it comes as a surprise to all.
even sheldon end up finding a girl like him. Amy, who longs for physical happiness from sheldon has to make away with seldom pecs on cheeks and date appointments.

Jim Parson is phenomenal and my favorite. his winning an emmy this year is worth his performance.
Kudos to the whole cast and the writers. I hope this funny, smart show stays around. We need a comedy with wit and heart, and for a change - lovable geeky brains too.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Size 8 versus Size 12. :)

I am a proud size 12 . I used to be size 8 some 3 years back but eventually went on from purchasing extra small size clothes to large now.

I initially used to get conscious about me getting fatter and not able to wear the same clothes I used to wear. Infact, since my mother never allowed me to wear those figure hugging,sleeveless tops I was  waiting to get a job and start flaunting my toned arms and flat stomach. ( I was a sportsperson and thus was in perfect shape).
The IT industry just took away my shape and size. I grew in my field and I also grew (in width)more day by day.;)

This transition phase for me was not paved with flowers.I frantically tried to loose wight. I would spend hours on internet searching "how to loose weight"and try whatever was written there. I drank warm water with lemon and honey for some months, I joined a gym, someone told me to eat "Kadi Patta " (curry leaves as they are called) and what not.but nothing worked out. ufff now when I look back I laugh at myself.

Actually,its more fault of the people around you who have seen you thin and suddenly seeing you fatter is not acceptable by them. I got affected by what others used to say about my weight. friends and family started calling me "moti" and the instance you post a pic on FB, the first coment would be "haaaw tu kitni moti ho gyi".. oh man, I was so damn affected by them.but I was far too strong to get depressed by it or rather since I had good FAT content that It hardly reached so much deep. :D

days, months, year passed and I got used to it. I actually started to feel positive with my weight. I was independent, ate what I want and was healthy.This acceptance is very important.I know I cant go back to what I was. the body grows with age and its all natural.I love the chubby cheeks I have.Sarees look so good on me now since I was so thin back then it looked like a cloth on a hanger.

The only thing I can do and what I do is remain healthy and eat good food. anyways I dont like to eat lot of junk food like pizzas and Burgers.I take stairs instead of elevators and do yoga thrice a week.all this to stay fit since sitting at office continuously without exercise takes a toll on your health.

I am still called a moti but I hardly notice it now.Yes, I have gained weight but I am not FAT fat. and then, so what I have gained weight and am not so thin and Sexy as I see freshers out of college.I look good and I feel good and thats what is important. I can become thin if I seriously start to aim for it,but NO, I dont want that now. I cant starve myself and see longingly at a desert or dishes I love to binge upon and cant do so. anyways in old age I will be asked by the doctor only to avoid some food,so why to avoid it now. I will eat till I have teeth.

 My Advice:Size doesn't change personality. cheers to all the people out there who think like me.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Crazy, Stupid ,Love

There might be something wrong with me. I love gore movies but I am also a die-hard fan of romantic comedies and animations. Gore and Romance do not go to together at all, but that's what I am. I can watch a gore movie followed by a RomCom or vice versa.

So this movie tops my list of all time favorites RomCom. a must must must watch for all.

A simple straight-laced Cal Weaver (Steve Carell) is living the dream-good job, nice house, great kids and marriage to his high school sweetheart. But when Cal learns that his wife, Emily (Julianne Moore), has cheated on him and wants a divorce, his "perfect" life quickly unravels. Cal, who hasn't dated in decades, stands out as the epitome of un-smooth. Now spending his free evenings sulking alone at a local bar, the hapless Cal is taken on as wingman and protégé to handsome, thirty something player Jacob Palmer (Ryan Gosling). Having learnt the tricks from his master, Cal soon becomes a woman's man but what he isnt aware that his daughter Hannah (Emma Stone) is dating Jacob.
 Cal's son has a crush on his baby sitter who in turn loves Cal.when Can tries to win his wife back and stages up his wedding day again,all hell breaks loose when Cal finds out about Jacob and Hannah and cannot see his daughter dating a Casanova. The baby sitters father finds nude pics in his daughters drawers to be posted to Cal,he comes out to thrash him. this mad confusion aggravates more when Emily's former lover comes to join the party. A hilarious sequence then follows it.

The world is small, this movie proves once again that the form of interlocking stories, hilarious, poignant, de-stressing, entertaining and well acted.It'll make you laugh, it'll make you'll frown, it might even make you cry, but mostly it'll just make you want to love Ryan Gosling.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

My hatred toward the Auto wallahs in Bangalore

urrrrghh.. I can feel myself getting angry at the thought that I would need to take an auto on a particular day.

The one thing I hate.literally hate are these autowallahs.I can walk 2 kms but avoid take an auto. its like they wake up in the morning deciding ,Ok for today, the first fare rate that comes to my mind will be ## whether its 1 km or 5 kms.

I dont understand why they need to charge extra bucks even when a meter is already running at a high rate.ok some cases like early morning or late night or more than 3 people,I can understand but why for all and everytime.

Its worse for non-karnataka people since the auto drivers feel their birthright to charge extra money, if not then take them from a longer route and extend the meter bill.

I had once a bet with an auto driver who was charging me 150 from navrang talkies in rajaji nagar to srirampuram 4th cross at 8 Am saying he wont get passengers from that area. I bet him that if he gets he would take me in meter and if not I will pay him 150 rs. he agreed and as luck would have it, as soon as he dropped me to my home, there were two ladies waiting for the auto, I won the bet but I did not leave him without a scolding that you should never cheat in your profession.

Its not that I dont know they are poorer than me and giving them extra bucks will not make a huge difference to me and its good for them.But what I dont like is the way they doesnt seem feasible and seems more like we are getting cheated and the guy is taking advantage of the situation.If its 10-20 more for a long distance or unknown area or at nights and early morning I am happy to give it.but charging 50-100 more is out of question and I know many will agree to me on this.

I hope the auto waalas progress a lot but I am going to walk till I can. its good for health too.. :)

Friday, August 8, 2014

The wrong turn 1-3

All the fetish for goriness in me was fulfilled in these movies.:)
The first one I loved. the subsequent ones were good enough too.

Part 1:Six people find themselves trapped in the woods of West Virginia, hunted down by "cannibalistic mountain men grossly disfigured through generations of in-breeding."

Part 2:The disturbing mayhem continues as a group of reality game show contestants descend into the West Virginia wilderness in order to participate in an apocalypse-themed game show, only to be brutally killed off by a deranged clan of redneck cannibals.

Part 3:It's open season on teenagers as Three Finger and his cannibalistic clan of inbred mutants hunt a group of hikers though the backwoods. When a prison transport bus crashes nearby, the fleeing convicts become the next items on the menu

all the three have one thing in common-the cannibalism
scenes such as a child chewing the thumb of human as a toy nipple and a women just cut into half vertically by a Axe.
It's gruesome and nasty and a heck of a lot of fun for people who get a kick out of Fangoria.I do..:)
It gives what it promises: violence, creeps, and solid performances.

NOTE:People with weak hearts DO NOT WATCH. :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Travelling In BMTC in Bangalore

I travel By BMTC daily to office. its like a journey for me which takes 1 and half hour with 2-3 kms of walking.somedays I will curse myself for not taking a bike, but somedays I will feel thankful of not being on two-wheeler but inside the bus,trying to sleep.

I used to boast about how bangalore is good city because of the transport services especially buses. its true to some extent but it has become a tiresome journey these days with foul mouthed conductors,fighting fellow passengers, men looking over your cleavage and the EVER increasing fare of tickets. I really dont get why every 3 months there will be a rise in tickets.public transport is supposed to be easy on pocket for middle class and lower class people. if 3 people are traveling together,its better to go by auto than take 3 tickets in bus.its that costly and its increasing day by day.

It saddens me thinking how poor people manage with this cost.just two years back the cost of monthly pass was 725 approx. and day pass was 40 rs. today the monthly pass is 1050 and day pass is 70 rs.this is around 75% increase which is an alarming rate. the auto waalas take the advantage of this situation and charge whatever it comes from their mouth for going small distances too.

On top of this ,there are instances when the conductor doesnt gives you 1r change for a 9 rs fare.he expects us to have the 9 rs coin or leave the 1 r. in that case every 10th day he should allow us to travel free of cost since we have already paid him 9 rs for that day. if we ask all we hear is "madam change illa ,yen madli".

I have also encountered on most cases,buses taking a different route and skipping stops just to avoid traffic and reach early to last stop.this affects me most of the time since my stop comes before Majestic and its an important stop but it get skipped by bus drivers to avoid a longer route and traffic.even though the bus stop name appears on the screen, that path is not traversed.I have had so many fights for the same with the driver and conductors but I think it just falls on deaf ears.

Then there are perverts and constantly staring men who will stand close to you( if by bad luck you get the last ladies seat) just have a peek-a-boo at your cleavage and sudden touches which will completely feel like it was by mistake.

I have now become an expert in catching buses and getting a seat on time.I know how to disappoint the perverts and also dealing with conductors.But I also make sure an old lady or a woman with child always gets a seat.

All in all,I dont like much to travel in bus but on a rainy day or hectic day at office, I would prefer inside the bus than outside it cursing the traffic.

Friday, July 18, 2014

SAW series 1-6

I loved the franchise and I remember seeing all of them in one go back to back in my engineering Hostel.

I liked the way the victims were killed and to see how far people go inorder to save themselves or their loved ones.
The franchise revolves around the fictional character of John Kramer, also called the "Jigsaw Killer" or simply "Jigsaw". He was introduced briefly in Saw and developed in more detail in Saw II. Rather than killing his victims outright, Jigsaw traps them in situations that he calls "tests" or "games" to test their will to live through physical or psychological torture. Despite the fact that John was murdered in Saw III, the films continue to focus on the posthumous influence of the Jigsaw Killer and his apprentices by exploring his character via flashbacks.

The USB of the story is as per me the innovative ways to kill the victims . Be it the the machine that twist each arm and legs of the person attached to it to an extent you can see the bones and flesh coming out to the jaw stretching machine . all the ways were quite scary and actually lived up to my expectations of gory.

A must watch for all who love to get scared and want to see nightmares.. :)

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Little Italy

I was so desperate to go to this place.My brother had praised this place a lot and I had read great reviews about it.
the day came when I finally went to the place.I was expecting the prices to be high but being a little "kanjoos" about spending more on food and transport, I thought of trying the buffet, by which I can get to taste all kind of Italian food.
The welcome drink was a choice between musambi  and cheeko flavored some kind of drink.not so bad but no WOW factor
then came the starters, tacos, small garlic breads with different flavors, then our famous papdi with italian toppings and cheese spinach balls.kuch khas nhi..
soup was water with green leaves..
I was starting to get bored with the taste already and was thinking how much I could have eaten with good taste with 560 rs .but it was not the end of food torture. the main course was left.

Pizza was good.but everything else was full of cheese and no taste at all.I was praying for it to get over.
by the time I came out ,all I wanted to eat was some chatpate golgappe or masala puri.

after this , I realized that The food was good,just that Italian cuisine did not go well with me.the taste did not quite excite me. I am a proper chat and all masala lover and dont quite like cheese and the gooey things.chalo kuch to seekh mili..

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Human centipede 1 and 2

what is noteworthy is the inspiration of the movie. I actually felt- WHY???

Part one: how a mentally disturbed doctor gets inspired by centipedes and decides to try the same on stuck travelers.
story: two American girls find themselves trapped in a terrifying makeshift hospital by a retired surgeon,Dr. Heiter. The doctor explains that he is retired surgeon who had specialized in separating Siamese twins. However the girls are not about to be separated, but joined together in a horrific operation. He plans to be the first to connect people, one to the next, via their gastric system, and in doing so bring to life his sick lifetime fantasy: the human centipede.

honestly, after watching so many gory movies before, this movie did not quite feel to me as disturbing. it was bore as hell and there was no goriness too . yes, the part where the excreta from the first one was passed to the others behind might be more of yuck than gory.
A must-not watch for weak hearted people and one time watch for people like me. ;)

Part two: Yeah, this was way better than the first one in respect to disturbing scenes but the killing could have been better.
Inspired by the doctor from the previous movie,this man spends his waking moments looking at the first Human Centipede movie over and over and over again, and wants to make his own version by connecting as many as 12 people.The way they are sewed shows the lack of surgical skills. the victims mouths are literally stapled  to the behind..
A truly disgusting movie with no sense and made me feel "why the hell did I saw this one"